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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Advertisers Sign Up for Streaming ABC

Ad Age reports that 35 advertisers have signed to advertise on ABC's broadband.

They report that 16 million streams were downloaded during their tests starting in June. (and YouTube had how many?)

Anyway, this is a must do step for all TV. They have to move to the net. As an advertiser, you will want to pay more and encourage the TV guys to move.

Problem child in all this is still local TV. When ABC streams and a viewer switches to broadband viewing, the local affiliate loses a viewer. Since ABC has rights and the local affiliate does not, ABC is doing the right thing for ABC, but rings a warning bell for the local affiliate network.

Expect that pressure to increase!

(Sorry with the posting gap .. had a bad hard drive crash and am just getting back to normalcy.)


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