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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The End of the Made for TV Movie

The Orlando Sentinel has a great story that discusses the end of movies made for TV.

I remember as a kid waiting to see those well promoted special event programming. But they will be like the dinosaur, something we look at in museums.

The article says the demise is all about costs and competition .. but I think they really miss the point.

When there were 3 networks viewing for your ad dollars, you got 1/3 of the audience if you were OK. But with 100's of channels to choose from, the networks celebrate with 10% of the audience watching TV.

But the end of made-for-TV movies (cutting big risks and costs) is a definite impact of the changing trends.

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Blogger Imran Anwar said...

Well, you have a point, but my contention is that most made for TV movies were cliched or me-too versions of stuff already done, or sometimes even been done in a much bigger way around the same time.

How dumb of a TV channel/network to think they could make a made-for-TV disaster movie that could satisfy an audience that is raised on or used to the impact and effects of Matrix or Armageddon (the latter not even THAT impressive on the big screen).

These made were TV movies were also even more predictable than Hollywood junk, even to THE END.


10:52 PM  

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