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Friday, July 07, 2006

Ad Execs, Media Divided On Source Of Upfront Ad Erosion

Duh! Media Post's story is golden! The story shows a sharp contrast in the opinions among advertisers, buyers and media sellers. Wow, what a contrast!!!

It reminds me of Bob Fosse's All That Jazz, where the character Joe Gideon is passing through the stages of acceptance of his own demise. One of the first stages is "denial". That must be what is going through ad sellers' heads!

When asked what happened to ad budgets:
  • 0% of Advertisers said they held back for scatter. 41% of Media Sellers said advertisers held back for scatter. Denial! It is a lot easier to tell the boss, "The money is coming in later!"
  • 88% of Advertisers said money was diverted to other media or marketing, while only 49% of Media sellers agreed. Again, denial! " The money can't be going away boss."

Let's hope the men and women in the corner office are reading Media Post. The trend is in, and smart players must past the denial phase, and move to acceptance!


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