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Monday, June 26, 2006

Local TV Responses to Sliding Revenues

The New York Times reports today that some internet ad rates are up 33%!!

Online Spending, according to Media Post, will reach $20B this year! (with $9B from Google, as I reported last week), exceeding that of all local television!

While on-line soars, television is lucky to grow revenue, and is finding it very difficult to raise prices. Advertisers like the customer connections they can create in an on-line experience. The decline of television ad spending is expected to continue, according to Booz-Allen's exceptional report. Most frightening to TV executives, has to be the conclusion that auto advertisers overspend on TV by as much as 44%!! See "Waste in the Auto Advertising Media Mix.", page 43

Auto represents a whopping 22.6% of local TV ad dollars. A 44% reduction would have a monumental financial impact on local TV as we know it.

So what can TV do?

I know that many top TV ad sales executives in local TV are digging deeper into their local markets. Smaller advertisers who traditionally only advertised in door-to-door coupon rags such as PennySaver, are being offered low cost ad packages on local cable and broadcast TV. But the "stick rate", the likelihood they are customers in a year, is abysmally low, less than 20% versus the 70%-90% local TV has learned to enjoy. (Why? -- later.) The impact is that the costs of sales rise as revenues slide!! (Gosh! the idea must have been created by the sales team!)

What can they do? I'll look at a few other approaches they are taking in later blogs, and will make some suggestions. In the meantime, TV ad execs should look at the resurgence of "newspapers".


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