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Monday, July 17, 2006

Rationality in Media Buying

Yes, there are signs that rational changes are afoot!

Last week, word was out that next year's TV up-front will sell ads on a pay-by-pod basis. That means advertisers will not have to pay for viewers who rush to the bathroom or kitchen during a commercial break. Smart move for advertisers, you say? Well, this pries open the door, as ABC attempted to do this year, for charging for delayed viewing of the ad, whether on your TiVo, or potentially replayed on-line.

The latest research shows that 60% of households have broadband, so you can expect on-line viewing to grow. And you should expect content to change when it can be delivered on-line. On-line is more interactive and involving, and it is reported that the old hand himself, Rupert Murdoch, will be integrating his empire from on-line to TV.

These are important moves, as Kagan Research forecasts that the growth of basic cable networks is slowing.

The value will shift to those who respond.

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