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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Google to Sell Radio Ads

Google Audio? Have you heard about it? You can provide your audio ad to Google, who will place it on regular radio stations.

Google signed a deal with Clear Channel this week that increases their reach to 1600 AM/FM radio stations in the USA.

The Clear Channel deal represents about 5% of Clear Channel inventory, quite a bit. The Clear Channel spokesperson said the inventory is not "remnant", but 5% in a small market station is very likely unsold, or given as "bonus" anyway, so the definition of remnant is debatable.

This is another step in a good march, where the new media guys like Google and eBay etc are attempting to bring radio and TV advertising to small and medium advertisers in ways that are transparent, measurable and accountable.

Don't you think the traditional players could do that themselves and win more advertisers?


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