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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Advertisers (Should) Demand Accountability

Odd, but why would someone who spends $100,000, or $1M or $10M on a TV ad campaign want accountability? When I use that word in the TV world context, it consists of a check list of items:
  • Did the ad run? If so, what copy?
  • When did it run?
  • Who watched it? (Not the 1/2 hour program, but how many people (in my target demo), actually sat through the commercial?)

I've been around the media sales guys enough to know that this level of "privilege" (some might call it "service") is reserved for a few customers. If you're a local advertiser, few advertisers will get any assurances on all 3 categories .. some of the problem tracing back to Nielsen's lack of comprehensive information.

"Why should they expect this?", sales guys ask. Because, a small advertiser with $10,000 can run a very accountable campaign on-line. that's the choice .. and that's the choice many of them are making.

Steven Fredericks of TNS writes a touching article in Ad Age. Let's hope someone is listening.


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