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Thursday, October 19, 2006

On-line Video Will Save Traditional TV

OK, seems odd that the very thing that is killing traditional media ... can save it.

A great blog on Video Insider spells out in detail all the ways advertisers can choose to interact with viewers if they watch their video on broadband or via IPTV.

In Maryland where I live, Verizon is offering IPTV (they don't call it that) over fiber they laid. They really have the opportunity to avoid the sins of the past (allowing the sales force to run the business) and offer true quality measurable products that advertisers want.

When you buy local TV, you get measured on 400-600 households in the region, at best daily, in most markets 4 times a year, and in some markets, not at all. So you are buying a statistical probability that your desired audience was watching.

In broadband / IPTV, you know who, when etc. It is no longer the "broadcast model", but a direct marketing engagement.

You now see the big content owners: CBS, ABC, etc. telling you "you can watch us on-line". This will be the trend .. leaving those who have no content (i.e. local TV stations) increasingly out in the cold. offers the latest on internships and entry level jobs.


Blogger Michael B. Cooper said...

OK -- Local TV has some great content ... and that's hwo tehy should think .. local, local, local ... that is their competitive advantage.

3:35 PM  

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